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Anything that will help her justify going back there.

Likewise, have a reason to go from there to your bedroom and so on.

It changes the context to the dating frame which does not serve your purpose. Make a list of fun activities that you can take girls on.

Actually go out and find these cool places in your area and plan out stuff in advance that you can do with a girl there – places that have interesting conversation and a lot of fun built in.

It also builds curiosity since you have a cool place and makes it natural for her to come back there after the get together.

When the date is over you need to have a reason to go back to your house. Pictures, funny movies, drinks, coffee or pet rock collection.

Here are a few examples: Keep things unpredictable.

Do not fall into the pattern of doing the same date over and over. If you prefer not to go out you also have the option of just inviting her over to your place.

There are many ways to structure an interesting dating life that leaves you in control and deepens your relationship. It is about having a life and bringing her into it, a life that you enjoy so much that you want to share it with others.When you call a girl to invite her out you can be direct and to the point. If she does not bring up a counter offer to the first event, or suggest a date for the second event, you can assume she is not interested. When setting up a meeting with a girl you should avoid the traditional dating frame. You are helping her see the world, opening her up and leading her into new experiences.Greet her, small talk a bit and then invite her along to whatever you are going to do. If she has a legitimate reason why she cannot come with you, take her word for it. A date involves expectations that you will pay for things and keep her entertained. What you should seek to do instead is to bring her into your world, your reality. She will want to spend time with you because you make her life better.Preferably, you should be the one that ends your time together.Have something to do, somewhere to go, someone to meet.

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