Why is potassium argon dating useful for dating hominids

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evolution had begun to select against estrous cycles in hominin females b. Options b in question 65 and d in question 66 suggest indirectly that a. focus on humans as culture producing and re-producing creatures. are inherited and are studied initially by physical anthropologists. changes on Earth are caused by gradual processes over time. Percussion fractures on animal bone suggesting that human ancestors were using stone tools to break open bones to extract marrow c. This argument was based on what archaeological evidence? The recovery of hominin and animal bone together in Swartkrans b. The recovery of stone tools and bone fragments together d. none of the above Which of the following lines of context suggest hominins at Koobi For a may have been scavenging rather than hunting for meat? Stone tool cut-marks on top of carnivore tooth marks on animal bone b. all of the above Based on his studies of Swartkrans, a 2.5 million year old site in South Africa, Raymond Dart argued that Australopithecines used bone tools, hunted game animals, lived in caves and were innately violent (Killer Apes). The distribution of caves, like Swartkrans, relative to trees where leopards feed c. never require stratigraphic information What is the dating method that uses the principle that undisturbed strata are older than overlying layers? paleomagnetism Approximately 3.7 million years ago, two or three hominins left their footprints across the savanna of modern day Tanzania at Laetoli, clear evidence that a. Any location where humans left archaeological evidence of past activity. stone tools are often made of rock containing argon c. stone tools associated with the bones of one animal. stone tools associated with the bones of many animals d. potassium and argon are products of ancient fireplaces b. none of the above Lewis Binford criticized Isaac’s interpretation of home place foraging because of a.

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none of the above Scientific evidence from physical, biological, and anthropological sources overwhelmingly support the notion that hominins have existed for _______. refers to the period of time extending before written records c. the half-life of radioactive potassium is 1.3 million years d. archaeological sites can often be dated by virtue of their stratigraphic relationship to layers of volcanic rock The Principle of Superposition states a. Studying 2 million year old sites at Koobi Fora, Glynn Isaac noted that they were a.

While studying animals (e.g., finches and turtles) on the Galapagos islands, Darwin was struck by the fact that a.

c) index fossils- the extinct fossils had already been shown to occur only in Ice Age strata elsewhere, therefore they proved the stratum with the stone tools at Brixham had to date to the Ice Age d) uniformitarianism- Stalagmites had been shown to form very slowly, over very long periods of time, so their presence above the layer of tools and bones showed that a very long time had passed indeed. Charles Darwin hypothesized that fossil evidence that humans evolved from a common ancestors with the apès would be found in a) the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, b) Asia c) Europe d) the Galapagos Islands e) Africahis reasoning for 73 above was based on his scientific theory, and his understanding that a) the primates most similar to humans, orangs and gibbons, are only found in east Asia b) the primates most similar to humans, chimps and gorillas, are only found in Africa c) fossil evidence of human evolution (Piltdown Man and Neanderthals) had already been found in Europe d) fossil evidence of human evolution (Peking Man and Java Man) had already been found in Asia e) fossil evidence of human evolution (the Taung child) had already been found in Africa Jukurrpa refers to a) a fossil trait of early hominins b) an extinct australopithecine c) “dreamtime” – a belief system held by Australian Aborigines that includes a traditional, nonscientific understanding of prehistory d) a gap in the teeth of primates that allows them to shut their mouths e) a bony crest along the top of the skull Although popular opinions about human origins differ, scientists are confident that the theory of ______ explains evidence that modern humans emerged gradually from common ancestors with other primates In science, the term “Theory” as used in the question above refer to a.

A group of objects that share a set of attributes in common. The ways that people made their living in the past. None of the above Potassium-Argon dating is useful for dating the most ancient hominin sites and remains because a. failure to consider alternative taphonomic explanations for the formation of these sites like hydraulic jumble, carnivore behaviors, and common amenities d. none of the above Because of this, Isaac sought to reassess the context of his data by a. Observations of modern carnivore behaviors (taphonomy and site formation processes) e. Two million year-old concentrations of animal bones and stone tools believed to be associated with Homo habilis have been used to infer which of the following behaviors a. The distribution of caves, like Swartkrans, relative to trees and water sources d. A and b above The belief formulated by James Hutton that gradual processes like weathering and erosion over long periods of time are responsible for the appearance of the earth is known as: a.

looking for microscopic cut and tooth marks on bone fragments. Animal bone assemblages dominated by skulls, vertebrae, and lower limbs, suggesting that hominins only had access to the parts of animals left over from carnivore kills d. Fracture patterns on animal bone, suggesting to Dart that the bones were used as tools c. Fracture patterns on animal bone, suggesting to Brain that the bones were used as tools and weapons e.

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