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“I was great at confrontation on the court but not so much off it. But it’s a book about my life and it was very subtle.Rather than confront issues, I would let things slide and go into the dark place in my head. There are 400 other pages in the book, but everyone focuses on that one.” While it’s tempting to think that Connors became hardened by celebrity and his sporting ambition, it seems more likely that the iron will at the core of him was forged years before, on that bloodied tennis court in East St Louis.Also, Amy Davidson, the sister who plays the innocent sister, well with her red hair, petite size, and freckle face.she’s just incredibly “cute”.As a soundman, I know every nook and cranny of the set and I sometimes just can’t get my eyes or my mind off these young teen girls. Too young for a real encounter, but hey, anything goes in one’s fantasies.“I could go out but it would catch up with me two or three days later,” he frowns.

But they are largely overshadowed by his unchivalrous portrayal of his former fiancée, Evert, as a controlling, promiscuous young woman who bore little resemblance to the softly spoken all-American girl with whom the world fell in love. “There’s no doubt that you go through a depression when it ends,” he says sadly.In a passage that made global headlines when the book was published in the US earlier this month, Connors strongly hints – without stating it – that Evert had an abortion, against his wishes, shortly before they were due to be married. At the time, a very important part of my life.” And he didn’t feel stung by the subsequent criticism? “I fought it until I was 40 and then did the senior tour until I was 49, just to keep my hand in.Evert responded with the statement: “I am extremely disappointed that he used the book to misrepresent a private matter that took place 40 years ago, and made it public without my knowledge.” Does he regret the revelation now? It wasn’t the big stage, but it was still a stage…” He goes on: “There’s no replacing the feeling, no replacing the applause and everything that goes along with that.” And boy did he try, he laughs.“My job was to make the crowd go crazy,” he writes in the book.“Anything else they got was a bonus,” he maintains.

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