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Sure the beaches are aowded, the hotels M, and the shops busy, but its tne same when Igo on vacation elsewhere. Subsoil pore space is much smaller than topsoil and, therefore, can not hold as much water and definitely not much air. Add organic matterl Subsoil ah-eady has jdenty of minerals. 29TFN m AN THE vmn LAPY mta Sl • Cars AOoamcrdal ALSO 46»-5227 SL i9i»nttfssswidi SM hnn, 4 Also. Located hi Sttond Building at 3320 Boulevard Anne naza. I would cectainly hate to think, when I visit another dty, that they feel about me and my money as Mike Gooding does idxait tourists here in Virginia Beach. By adding organic matter, pore space is increased and, obviously, the organic percentage is increased. Food, including baked goods, will also be available. The church is located at 4080 Charity Neck Road in the Pungo section of Vir- ginia Beach. i Uso for rent, 300 square fae| oj Cfice ii [ lame location. %ginia Bedi, the Hampden- Sidney ahimni sakl "we're not up to snuff. Such classes provide "false, inadequate information concerning the consequences of sin, "and do away with the "built-in bashfulness and shame" that norqudly precludes teenagers from engaging in sexual activity, he said. One of our needs in order to become a first-class city is to have a strong cultural base. Children, such as those participating in optional af- ter-school sex education programs at six Beach elemen- tary and junior high schools, are "being bramwashed to accept contraceptive lifestyles," said Likoudis. 42 IT 6-2 CHODCABE - My home in Ghent, certified teadter. Bxcdknt TLC for children of all ages in my home for working mothers, days, or nights. Breakfiut and hmch furnished and over- nightcr's suners. "Oceana is vital to the national community and to world peace," he aib L Like Tinka.

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"The experience has been most gratifying." he concluded. Now, we can't expect a national symphony here, and I'm not sure we should try to put togt^her a Chryalar Museum, but the arts are very im- portant." These issues are important, Ho Uand says, because joined, they can stimulate thie private sector, induce more businesses, attract m^ Station la Vfagtaia Beach. Organizations, such as planned parenthood and others that favor sex education, are attempting to impart upon youth the notion, "if it feeb good, do it," Likoudis said. Vlrgloia Up onto a year ago, Joe Buchanan was a man in die street Umsdf. "Sex education has no place in our schools," he concluded. director of the Vtrgiiiia Beach Department of Heahh. "Who in the world are they going to pst their information from? Bunch says she understands the motivation behind the likfts of Likoudis. "Gvi Hans have to go out and spread the word." he said. WITHIN TIDEWATER AREA D One Year *7.0e a Two Yean*12. M DTwo Yean'l S.e O PLEASE CHECK HEREDif this is jinewgibscriptlo B PLEASE CHECK HEREDif yon I are now racdviiig THE VIRGINIA I BEACH SUN and are renewing yonr | I inbscription. "The Navy is doing everything in its power to protect its country. He has a bachelor's degree in political science from By the ktte 19'ms it was becoming Increasingly - evident that library construction was not keeping pace with the city's burgeoning population. %ginia Beach, it was determined that the city was 129,000 square feet deficient in terms of library space. Ms PETS - Pleaie help at by giving a loving pel a tone.

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