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Combined, and the HTML form fulfill the first half of the payment process, but server-side code is also necessary to complete the workflow.The third and final step to securely collect your customer's payment details is to submit the received token to your server for final use.The idea behind Java Script form validation is to provide a method to check the user entered information before they can even submit it.Java Script also lets you display helpful alerts to inform the user what information they have entered incorrectly and how they can fix it.When your script receives the response from Stripe's servers, the To get the token to your server, it's stored in a new hidden input. After adding the token ID, the form is submitted using Java Script.(As a reminder, the form's submission was prevented earlier so the script could wait for Stripe to tokenize the credit card details.) All of the form's data will be sent as a POST request to the URL in the form's This live demonstration uses a cosmetic variation on the HTML and Java Script explained above. Please also enter your name and the Gift Certificate recipient's name.Once you click 'Buy Now' you will be sent to our Paypal site to complete the purchase.

Java Script Java script is used to validate forms, that means checking the proper information are entered to the users in the form fields before submission. It provide the facilities if we use the validation in the Forms then it automatically check the your entered number or text .

This is done by interrupting the form's submission and passing the payment details directly to Stripe (from the user's browser).

After the code above, create an event handler that handles the . This can either be provided as individual members of a generic object, or by passing along a reference to the entire form.

It also includes basic validation before making the token request of Stripe. If you wish to charge a credit card multiple times or just at a later time, you should use your token to create a Customer object.

We've written a general purpose library called j Query.payment to help with client-side input validation and formatting card numbers.

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