Updating to psp version 3 30

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Back to top of page This was observed on some systems using network-manager.This happens both on the original BIOS and in libreboot. On debian systems, a workaround is to restart the networking service when you connect the ethernet cable: sudo service network-manager restart On Parabola, you can try: sudo systemctl restart network-manager (the service name might be different for you, depending on your configuration) Back to top of page Libreboot 20160818, 2016090907 all have a bug: in Sea BIOS, PCI options ROMs are loaded when available, by default.More questions and answers will be added here, as time goes by.Back to home page See ../docs/#version Back to top of page We don't know how to detect the correct PWM value to use in coreboot-libre, so we just use the default one in coreboot which has this issue on some CCFL panels, but not LED panels.The libreboot project recommends avoiding this hardware entirely.

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Libreboot-unstable (or git) now disables loading PCI option ROMs, but previous releases with Sea GRUB (20160818-20160907) do not.

You can work around this in your distribution, by following the notes at ../docs/misc/#backlight control.

Back to top of page Use Libreboot 20160818 or higher.

This was a bug in coreboot, fixed upstream and merged in Libreboot 20160818.

Alternatively, you can use kernel version 4.2 or older, if you wish to use libreboot 20150518 or earlier.

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