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Everytime I try to transfer my audio files/music to my SD card it says error and doesn’t allow me to. Are you trying to move DRM-protected music files to your SD card?

If you have the same problem after a reformat, try using a different one.

A bad SD card can potentially cause problems so try using another one to see the difference.

We are still gathering information to see if Lollipop update may cause potential SD card problems so in the meantime, make sure that your SD card is well maintained by doing a regular reformat every few months.

There’s no clear cut solution for Lollipop-related problems at this time and the only effective solutions we recommend (which are also the things Google and Samsung suggest) are to delete the cache partition, then perform a factory reset. I love taking pictures and this really is a pain in the butt.. Bad sectors in an SD card slows down the flow of information the phone’s operating system are using to do tasks like opening an app, taking a picture, browsing the Gallery, etc. System and app updates are usually stored in your phone’s primary storage unit (internal), not on the SD card.

Hello, I’m having issues with camera freezing or stop working as well as my Gallery always freezing and stop working. The camera app, Gallery, the phone’s primary (internal) and secondary (SD card) storage units are all linked together so if any one of them is not working properly issues like you are experiencing right now happen. Clear out the internal memory and leave enough space and you should be good to go. Something must be wrong with the charging port of your phone.

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