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Our goal is to match all travel lovers who wish to share the sites of the world with someone special.

She is good friends with Lacey Porter and Regina Crane. Sarita is also friends with Archie Yates and Scott while having a conflict with Jo Masterson and Danny Desai and a dislike for Phoebe Lewis. In Pilot, Lacey is seen walking to school with best friends Regina and Sarita.

If you are a frequent traveler, you’ll enjoy the ability to search, find, and meet adventure-loving singles. Miss Travel is 100% FREE for both men and women to join.Leaving the party, Danny takes Jo and starts to walk her home. The next day at school Lacey, Sarita, Scott and Archie are seen talking about Regina's death, upset and clearly disturbed.Archie asks Scott to tell Lacey what Danny whispered to him last night, then Scott says Danny yelled Scott to get away from Jo.When you’re on a vacation with a possible […] [ read more Whether you’re travelling on a date, with a partner, or looking for adventure, there are few cities in the world with more romantic potential than New York.Packed with things to do for all tastes, it’s a great city to discover together or to meet someone new.

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