Tune up not updating album art

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Rewriting tags yourself can take forever, so let Tune Up do it for you instead.

Tune Up sits next to your i Tunes window, and has four functions.

to make a complete music info, allow manual editing of music tags, save unfixed music files for future editing, etc.

Sometimes there are duplicates of a song, and sometimes songs aren't labeled at all. It'll will find generically labelled tracks with names like "1.mp3" or "8.mp3" and give them proper names, like "I'm a loser.mp3" -- one of my favorite Beatles tunes.

And instead of your media player listing that as a work from "unknown artist," it'll put the actual name of the musician or band. This will eliminate the four extra versions you've been keeping of the same song.

It's worth mentioning that it can identify duplicated songs and thoroughly remove them to free up more valuable disk space.

Main Features: Test & Review: After downloading it, I found the interface looks very intuitive.

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