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In addition, during “hard” economic times, nationally, domestic violence resources are often cut and can impact the likelihood that survivors of any economic class can access safety. Many people are stressed and do not choose to abuse.

Many people have low self esteem and do not choose to abuse.

The dominant aggressor is “the person determined to be the most significant, rather than the first aggressor.” Studies that say abuse is mutual are based on inaccurate tools such as CTS or surveys that failed to control for context.

The myth of mutual abuse contributes to wrongful arrests due to improper investigation and contributes to a cyclical misunderstanding of the existence of mutual abuse.

In addition, the myth of mutual abuse is dangerous for victims who may have used self-defense because it colludes with the perpetrator who tells the victim that it is the victim’s fault.

There are studies that report that there is more abuse in low-income populations and there are studies that report that there is more abuse in higher-income populations.

Many statistics are skewed because they come from public agencies, city hospitals, police departments, social service agencies and the courts.

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