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If the environmental impact statement is completed in three years, the initial segment would take seven years to build, he added. Thirty-one organisations in twelve countries shared the work for which the project coordinator was Consorzio Train, an Italian consortium of rail research institutions. The first light-rail system in sub-Saharan Africa has opened in Addis Ababa (some South African cities have commuter rail services). In what LU claims is a world-first, an inverter system was installed at the Cloudesley Road substation for a five-week trial.

UK participants were Network Rail (technical coordinator), Tata Steel and the Universities of Newcastle, Leeds, Sheffield and Huddersfield. According to LU, the reclaimed waste energy from Tube train brakes over a one-week period was enough to power Holborn station for two days.

"We are committed to doing more to reduce our energy use, and this technology - a world first for metro railways - is one of a number of innovations we're embracing to lower our environmental impact." As well as recycling energy, the system also reduces the amount of heat generated by trains when braking.

This means less cooling is required in London Underground's tunnel network, enabling increased energy efficiency.

Alongside the test rig the Institute launched a unit named the Centre for Innovation in Rail.

It has been set up to help the railway supply chain develop innovative products and is a conduit for research activity within the IRR, aiming to work with industry, especially small to medium sized firms.

Bombardier also takes input for a variety of passenger representative groups. The Japanese government would fund much of the first phase, which is estimated to cost about bn. In an announcement on October 10, Turnbull said he would support rail project investment based on 'merits'. The current system was benchmarked (WP1) and duty requirements established (WP2).

An investigation into the suitability and efficiency of an eddy current measurement system for the detection of rail rolling contact fatigue is reported. worked with Norfolk Southern, a US railway company, to evaluate the trolley mounted device. "This...regenerative braking system has the potential to transform how we power stations across the Tf L network, unlocking massive power savings and significantly reducing our energy bills," said Chris Tong, LU's head of Power and Cooling.

Leading figures in the UK railway industry came to the University of Huddersfield to celebrate the completion of a multi-million pound test rig and the inauguration of a new group that will help to fast track innovations in railway technology.

The university is home to the Institute of Railway Research (IRR).

The project will now aim to provide faster journey tome and more capacity, rather than just electrification. (Item contains no further information.) Railway Gazette, vol. A particular area of focus for these workshops is the driver's interface with the train.

MML electrification from Bedford to Kettering and Corby is planned by 2019, and to Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield by 2023. The company aims to help drivers understand how the train will react to their actions long before they actually enter the cab. US company The Northeast Maglev, working with the Central Japan Railway Co., envisions a magnetically levitated, or maglev, passenger route between Washington, DC, and New York City that will reduce travel time to an hour. Reports on the Sustainable Freight Railway (SUSTRAIL) - a €9.4M four-year project, launched in 2011, to design a freight vehicle track system with improved reliability at reduced cost.

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