Star sign dating compatibility

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Once they find one another, though, there can be a meaningful exchange that is stimulating as well as satisfying.VIRGO WITH CANCERThis combination can work very well together, as both have an earnest desire to take care of one another and the relationship.In terms of love, they both have the tendency to allow the initial passion mellow out and turn into a relationship that features the kind of affection one has for a friend.

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If both are willing to go the extra mile, this combination could turn out to be a successful experiment in human evolution.In romance, Aries will win Virgo with more conventional ways of courting a partner, while Virgo will have to be open to having a “wild” experience now and then to catch Aries’ eye.Virgo will happily take on Aries as a little project, and Aries will revel in Virgo’s pampering.Virgo is capable of bringing variety into Gemini’s life, yet Virgo’s ability to ground is useful when Gemini gets carried away by the mood or trend of the moment.Sex might be a problem for these two, in that they can both become so busy with their own personal schedules that they have difficulty finding time to be intimate.

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