Sandara park dating rumors 2016

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When one citizen who was at the busking asked Sandara Park how she endured her difficulties, she replied, “The people around me are really important.

There was a time during YG Family Concert that Gummy told me, ‘.” ————— On standing by herself, “I was afraid. I was also worried about what I could do on my own.” She continued, “I hope that each one of us would grow well in our own individual paths after 2NE1.

:) 2-3 episodes are released every day/week starting March 29. Credits: Sources: 1 2 3 Re-uploaded and translated by: We Love Dara/Oh Dara I lost my confidence little by little and I felt daunted and intimidated.At that time, I thought that my existence wasn’t necessary in the team.I think it’s great to always think positively.” Sandara Park who was afraid to stand alone, delivered a brilliant talk busking while firmly standing by herself.Beyond the tough situation of today, Sandara Park was able to stand firmly because of the encouragement she received not only from her fellow 2NE1 members but also from other members of YG Family.

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