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So tell us when a video is deleted so it can be replaced with a another copy. This buddy reality series from MTV stars Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard/best friend Christopher "Big Black" Boykin.Rob and Big Black both add a new car to their growing collection of vehicles.In order to make room for the new rides, Rob plans to give away his old truck (the UAV) to the first skater that can beat him in a game of "S-K-8" and beat Big Black in a game of Rochambeau (Rock, Paper Scissors).After a little research, Rob finds the perfect companion for his favorite puppy: a Mini-Horse.Owning miniature livestock turns out to be a little more than the guys bargained for, and drastic measures become necessary to accommodate the tiny horse.An airbrushed van leads Rob and Big Black on a quest to travel through time with Rob's "Hyper-Dimensional Resonator." Big Black is skeptical, but Rob convinces him to travel to Montreal to visit a "time travel expert" named Dr. When they return to LA, Big Black surprises Rob with his own, throwback version of Time Travel.

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Rob reinvents himself as Bobby Light, a self-proclaimed "one hit wonder, R&B sensation." With the help of his cousin, Drama, and The Chunky Boys (Big Black and Bam Bam), Rob hops into the makeshift recording studio in Big Black's closet and records a song called "Dirty Girl." Rob and Big Black decide to shoot a low-budget music video for their hot new song, but realize the video will not be complete until they fly Big Black's Uncle Jerry out to Los Angeles to take a starring role.

Videos stop working when youtube (or youtube clones) deletes the video.

Youtube will delete ANY video when someone complains.

The boys overdose on southern cooking, southern living, and Big Black's crazy Uncle Jerry.

Rob and Big Black call out Drama, Rob's cousin, for being a lazy assistant and decide to put him on "waivers" until he shapes up.

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