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Here are the screenshots that will guide you step by step how to use the site to chat and meet with women from Warsaw to Cracow The first image is part of the page you see when you land on the website. They show you were to register in the Polish language.I recommend to not change the region, as indicated by the English, Irish and American buttons, but stay in the Polish language interface as this is where the largest pool of women are that think the least western towards love.Love will find a way if you are inspired, language is the last thing you should worry about.

No, you want to meet Polish girls in Poland and then explain to them that you are learning about the culture and language and you have an interest in meeting them.

If you life in the UK or Ireland, which is part of the EU you could specify that this is where you live, a the women would be receptive to this.

Please ask me questions and if you like this post; and I can do more for Ukrainian and Russian dating.

If you do not find Polish girls attractive, you are basically not into women.

The purpose of this post is to guide you through one Polish dating web site A to Z to get your courtship process off on the right foot.

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