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So be aware that sooner or later you HAVE to take money out of your IRA.Remember, you can always withdraw money from your IRA, but you need to know the right rules and regulations to determine when a distribution will be right for you.In other words, the money grows without having to pay any taxes on the gains.Of course, with an IRA you have to pay the Piper at some point in time.By the way, you literally must reach age 59 1/2 – not 59, 5 months and 15 days.You can take the money any time on the day you turn 59 1/2 or after.

People are often shocked by that answer, but it’s true.

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For some reason I get this question a lot in my day job, so I thought I’d provide a little clarification on some of the rules regarding withdrawals from Individual Retirement Arrangements, or IRAs.

IRAs were designed to provide an opportunity for folks to save for retirement on a pre-tax, tax-deferred basis.

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