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https:// see this thread for an alternative I'm thinking about starting a project on making a EQG RPG/Dating Sim.You can explore the high school, talk to the students, make friends with the mane 6 and Sunset, and maybe even save the world! There wouldn't be any romance in it, or any alternate endings depending on which people you befriend and other things, because I'm saving that for the Dating Sim. EDIT: I worked for less than a day on this and it has almost 200k views. I have 2 seperate ideas for this type of game, one if I wanted to make an RP with RPG maker, and another if I find a dating sim maker.It's a pity, 'cause I kinda liked him in his Guardian and Friends incarnation.--Sweetie Belle While my knowledge lies much more with more action-oriented game design, I have to ask... I say this because I have concepts lying around for adding RPG-like systems to more Visual-Novel esque games.If you can program a health bar and a slider into a Visual Novel, I can give you some interesting notes.I also wasn't reviewing any of his stories or reading 'em, tho'.I just helped him make the babs seed fan club, and we talked a bit.

Established in 1932, Deli Brands of America has a tradition of quality and value that is unsurpassed.

Any thoughts on my idea and/or interested in helping me make the Dating Sim and/or RPG? These two ideas sound very interesting, but I think the RPG should have a Telltale way on things as with your choices affect the entire game.

Example: You side with one character(s) over the other(s), he/she/they will act differently around you, be it wary, shy or downright hostile.

But one question does arise, will these be downloaded games, or flash games found on sites like Newgrounds? I only ask because I am really picky about stuff like that. That's what happens when you necro a thread that's been silent for months.

I was very startled to see him "back" and wondering how he managed it, because as far as I know, he is really, really banned.

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