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Yes, seriously, I'm the Gartan girl..you get tired of me bringing up the Alias days, then I apologize.I just re-watched all four seasons (I blatantly refuse to believe the fifth season existed, lol) and I am now on an Alias high. So, I looked through all my Alias media on my hard drive and god, do I have a lot.But the things that I love are kindness, sense of humour, large scope of the world and he's a heck of a hockey player and really great on the guitar." - Jennifer on Michael, Women's World"He's incredibly romantic and I am cautious. When you're acting with her, you get energized." "Well, I think that is where a lot of her sexiness lies in the fact that she is not just a pretty face, she has got all these other great things: she can kick ass and she's smart and she's sensitive." between us there is a perpetual exchange of good "favours".(laughs) At this moment, for instances, I'm teaching her french. The fact that we are together now hasn't change a thing in our working habits. And I must admit that is very pleasant to speak French with woman that you love." - Michael on Jennifer, French Mag April/May 2004."Home life with JG"... I am just content at being the 'sous' chef; I do the chopping and the peeling and the cleaning. Our schedule is so grueling that when we do have time off, we usually do something quiet like that."She's amazing, you just cannot stop watching her. "I must have been a coal miner in the late 1800s in Pennsylvania somewhere and either the mine collapsed or I died of black lung.He's romantic, but in that way he allows me to be what I am. We can talk about anything and stay on the same page. It is so great to be able to speak french daily with the woman you love. My participation is limited only to the cleaning and chopping of vegetables. But put Jennifer Garner at the top of that list." - SI.com's site"This breaks new ground, doesn't it, for television drama?It's very nice." - Jennifer on Michael, Dreamwatch (March 27 04) / US Weekly (Februrary 04)"She walks in at 5 a.m., her hair is wet, her skin is perfect and she looks like a warm, fresh spring day," says her Alias costar Michael Vartan. "There are times when you're acting in a scene with her, and even when the cameras on you, all of a sudden, you just kind of lose yourself in her," reports Vartan. On the other hand Jen allows me to assist when she's cooking! I mean, actually having people who look like they're supposed to get, get together?Despite discovering Armani makeup and false eyelashes ("my new obsession"), Garner, who lives in L. "And you're like, `Oh, wow.' I don't want to make it sound like this crazy intense thing, but she just sucks you in and you can't help it. There's sort of a whole new twist to the recipe..." Terry O'Quinn on the Jennifer & Michael relationship, S2 Audio Commentaries: Second Double Cooper, who plays journalist Will Tippin on ABC's hit spy drama, does have a lady dear to his heart, whom he met while a student at Georgetown University.So, I thought I'd post all my Jennifer and Michael quotes. "But I can also see her three years from now saying, 'I quit' and moving to a farm somewhere and having a family, because ultimately that's the kind of person she is." "I defy anyone not to have chemistry with her," MV says of JG.

Even worse, he's still having to film steamy love scenes with Jen -- the woman who friends say he asked to marry, but who instead dumped him in June 2004, before taking up with her Daredevil co-star Ben Affleck just weeks later! Then, just one year later, Vartan found himself in the unfortunate position Foley had been in the year before: Jen left him in June and by August was dating Affleck (reportedly she developed a crush on him when they worked together on the film Daredevil back in 2002).

"He's a sincere, quiet, very kind guy who is loved by everyone," his friend says.

STILL IN LOVE WITH JENWhile Jen's moved on, Michael can't even imagine a new romance right now, according to his pals. 11, tells Star that Vartan had girls coming up to him all night, but he showed no interest."Michael and some guy friends were seated next to Timberlake and some of his friends, so there were girls all over them," says the insider.

And there isn't a day that goes by that his heart doesn't break knowing she's leaving the set to go home to Ben Affleck."-- MAGGIE HARBOURSource Gawd, I really loved them together.

I don't like Ben Affleck, which makes it even worse.

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