Mandating water efficiency

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(If you do, call me.) Although in the soil few viruses can survive very long since it is cold, the distance between grains of sand are great, and there are predators that eat viruses, still viruses can travel up to three feet from the source in dry soil; however, when transported in water, viruses have been detected thirty feet from the source and can even go farther.

Consequently, in order to prevent the health hazards presented by contact with viruses, pathogens and bacteria, , mound system or an approved leach field at least one hundred feet from any water -- pond, lake, house, stream, well, beach, etc.

The award is the state's highest honor for work that benefits the environment, according to Linda Hoffman, deputy director of the Department of Ecology.

Hoffmann presented the award to Yelm Mayor Adam Rivas at a city council meeting.

The trend continued with the City of Tucson, Arizona mandating the same systems by mid 2009.

The water also is added to streams and is used to recharge water underground at a city wetland park that includes a catch and release fish pond for rainbow trout.

This clear sparkling water is suitable for tank and a discharge tank or pipe; circuit board control is an option.

The size of the reactor depends on the amount of gallons that need to be processed per day.

Essentially you treat it as any other sewage discharge.

-- sink, shower, bath and laundry water -- must be disposed of beneath the surface of the soil, unless you can think of an inexpensive way to evaporate it.

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