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That was not his given name but a nickname he had acquired along the way.I would have asked from where it had come, but I never found the necessary strength to even talk to him, let alone inquire about the particulars of his life.Shapiro, 37, says “un REAL” isn’t based on “The Bachelor” per se, but let’s read between the lines: The program Rachel works on is about a dashing gentleman who lives in a mansion and courts dozens of attractive women. was like, “Check your contract, honey.” So I did not have a choice. What was your role once you began working on "The Bachelor"?As a producer, Rachel is assigned a handful of contestants; if one of them ends up as the house villain, she receives a financial incentive. This was like asking a vegan activist to work in a slaughterhouse. I climbed the ranks from associate producer to field producer.And she’s cash-strapped, so she does her boss’ bidding -- at one point, she learns a contestant’s father is gravely ill but keeps the information to herself so that the woman stays on TV. I was coming up with romantic dates, writing story lines and conducting interviews. It was mainly when I realized that some of what was happening on the show was having a real-life impact on the contestants.Her colleagues poke fun at how black contestants never make it far in the competition and believe its female stars should be hot and sexy but never act too promiscuous lest they not be considered "marriage material."Before the premiere of "un REAL" on Monday -- conveniently just after the new episode of “The Bachelorette” concludes at 10 p.m. of “The Bachelor” called me and said, “I’ve heard good things about you. I was around during Andrew Firestone and Bob Guiney’s seasons -- three years and something like nine seasons in total. You can say people know what they’re signing up for, but back then, I don’t think they did.That you truly cannot know what you’re signing up for. There are a lot of really smart people making these shows. There have been some people on reality TV who have totally worked the system, like the Kardashians, who have final cut on their show because they’re producers.

I read a study that said most of the people who watch “The Bachelor” make over 0,000 and have like a master’s level education. There’s this idea that some girls are pretty, pretty princesses who deserve to be taken care of.She hated the gig so much, she says, that she eventually told her boss she was considering suicide in order to be let out of her contract.That’s right: Working on “The Bachelor” was so soul-sucking that Shapiro says it nearly killed her.I was a 16-year-old magenta-haired dork who hung around the art studios both before and after school.I was in no position to start conversations with Kurt Cobain look-a-likes who rocked the same greasy locks and dresses that only the ’90s permitted without too many batted eyelashes.

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