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“It’s no surprise that the government’s approach to climate policy is failing.A child could tell you that building new runways, allowing new open-cast coal mines, and forcing fracking on local communities, while doing precious little to support renewables or energy saving, isn’t going to help us limit temperature rises to 1.5 degrees.The advice is contained in a report on UK climate action following the Paris agreement.

Any use of this website or service is at your own risk and constitutes acceptance of our .In fact, we expect to take in somewhere in the region of 19,000 animals this winter alone.“The fact that every four minutes during winter somebody calls us to report neglect to animals is shocking, especially when you add that to all the other calls we receive at the same time about other welfare issues. “Issues such as animals not been provided with a suitable environment to shelter from the harsh weather and not being given enough food and water to keep them healthy despite the cold and damp are common complaints made to us.” Along with highlighting the winter issues faced by inspectors who are out on the ground tirelessly tackling animal neglect and cruelty, the national charity is also reminding people that it’s not all doom and gloom – as a nation of pet lovers, it’s important to celebrate the love we have for not only our pets, but wildlife and farm animals too.Andrew Pendleton, Friends of the Earth’s head of campaigns, said: “The massive reduction in plastic bag use shows that just a small change in everyday habits can make a meaningful difference.Plastic waste is very good at finding its way into our waterways and countryside, so it’s been a boon for nature and wildlife too.

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