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You have to remodel your house, or find a new one, or even live in a facility.You have to find new ways to perform basic bodily functions.I am a 27 year old chef and was recently involved in a motorcycle accident leaving me paralyzed from the chest down.

Lots of people who use wheelchairs hold jobs, raise children, and seem to lead happy lives. After two years, it sounds like you have adjusted to your new situation.You have to deal with people staring at you and making rude comments or asking dumb questions. But I've always felt that for myself, I'd have a hard time working up a "poor me" attitude if I suddenly couldn't walk.There would be an adjustment period, but life would go on -- only with some changes.Don’t ever think you need to settle because you’re a paraplegic. As your motorcycle accident proves, life is way too short to waste it any longer on something that’s not making you happy. I love that you’re making sure your restaurant over the top disability friendly though. I have met so many talented men with paralysis that have had their pick of the litter when it comes to dating. And as a side note, your restaurant idea sounds cool I love that you’re committed to staying in the industry.

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