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Time Out described Richard as ‘Britain’s answer to Neil ‘The Game’ Strauss’.Another classic example of geek turned ladies man, Nicknamed ‘gambler’ for his reckless yet rewarding investments on the stock markets as a young boy, Richard had it all bar one thing…women.In 2006, Richard founded PUA Training, now the UKs largest pickup company, boasting the likes of Andy Lyons (AFC Andy) in his team of many.Their flagship products, Stealth Attraction and The Master Pick Up Artist University prove why PUA Training is the UK’s number 1.He continues to teach these unique techniques to scores of men and despite now being in his 50s, he doesn’t seem to have any problem picking up the ladies. If you haven’t heard of Neil Strauss and his famous book: The Game, then you’ve had your head buried in the sand like an ostrich.

Head over to Venusian Arts where Mystery together with Matador and Lovedrop teach their words of wisdom from the foundations with The Revelation Book and beyond.Give your typical geek two years rubbing shoulders with the masters in seduction and what do you get?You get ‘Style’ the number 1 pickup artist in the world.He set out learning the hard way, good old-fashioned trial and error.After years of pacing down the streets of London, it finally all made sense.

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    I always ask my clients “What’s your partner’s most valuable asset – other than her portfolio?

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