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She motions for Patrick to enter her office and Cameron shuffles out the door, bumping into MICHAEL ECKMAN, a lanky, brainy senior who will either end up a politician or game show host. They head out of the office MICHAEL (continuing) So -- which Dakota you from? The star tends to veer towards anything flesh flashing, but other than having a short hemline, it's pretty covered up for the Ex on the Beach star.She teamed it with a cute cap and trainers to really finish off the androgynous style. The young RIDER dashes over to help, trembling when he sees who his board has hit. Cowering in fear, he attempts to scoop up her scattered belongings. Her less extraordinary, but still cute friend, CHASTITY stands next to her. HALLWAY - DAY- CONTINUOUS Bianca is immediately greeted by an admiring crowd, both boys and girls alike. MISS PERKY I'm sure you won't find Padua any different than your old school. MISS PERKY It says here you exposed yourself to a group of freshmen girls.

You're venturing far past daytime talk show fodder and entering the world of those who need very expensive therapy. CAMERON Why do girls like that always like guys like that? Their mothers liked guys like that, and their grandmothers before them. KAT "Undulating with desire, Adrienne removes her crimson cape, revealing her creamy --" WALTER STRATFORD, a blustery, mad scientist-type obstetrician, enters through the front door, wearing a doctor's white jacket and carrying his black bag.

By the way, Bobby Rictor's gonad retrieval operation went quite well, in case you're interested. She grimaces, as if she's referring to a medical condition. Bianca looks up and smiles the smile of Daddy's little girl.

MISS PERKY Well, yes, compared to your other choices of expression this year, today's events are quite mild. I believe "heinous bitch" is the term used most often. Stratford, do you care to comment on what you've read so far? TEACHER Mandella -- since you're assisting us, you might as well comment. MANDELLA Uh, yeah, I read it all TEACHER The whole play^ MANDELIA The whole folio. TEACHER (disbelieving) You've read every play by William Shakespeare?

Bear split from his Ex On The Beach co-star girlfriend of eight months, Lillie Lexie Gregg, in August after he publicly cheated on her in front of the nation with glamour model Chloe Khan on Celebrity Big Brother.

During their stint on Ex On The Beach all-stars this summer, Jemma got together with Ashley Cain and Gary Beadle after being left devastated when her ex David Hawley romanced Holly Rickwood in front of her in the villa.

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