Dating for ostomates

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And so here was a college boy – adorable and smart – who, knowing that I had Crohn’s and an ostomy, had decided to ask me out.

As I was headed to the restaurant in my carefully planned outfit, I thought about whether or not I should bring up my disease and my surgery.

In trying to do some ‘research’ on the subject, I once asked several of my close guy friends what they would think if they were dating someone who had an ostomy.

Most of them replied that it wouldn’t matter (truth: it doesn’t matter), but one friend replied that it would make him “hesitate.” At first, his response frustrated me – hesitate, I thought, why would you hesitate? Ultimately I decided that not every person will fully get it, and their hesitation is a reflection on them, not my worthiness of being in a relationship.

Collect information of those sites that you need to understand the person you want to date.

Having negative thoughts is normal, especially if you've had a bad encounter in the past.

The nurse had been asking me about school and my friends, and then she leaned across the table, reached her hands out towards mine, lowered her voice and said, “And you know, you can still have a boyfriend and stuff.”I remember smirking at her, nodding along, but the thought had been far from my mind.I unfortunately don’t have foolproof advice or a line-up of certified girls and guys to offer up for dates.I do, however, firmly believe that there are amazing, understanding, empathetic people out there who will see you as the whole person you are.One of the greatest features of Meet An Osto Mate is the ability to search other members by location, gender, age, interests, and other criteria.Members use this feature all the time to find someone to talk to or to even start a relationship.

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