Chiropractor dating patients

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An important part of chiropractic treatment is to teach the patient how to take care of their own body.The patient may be given a programme of exercises to be done at home.

But poor functioning of the muscles and joints can affect people in many ways.

A chaperone should be offered, as is the case with GPs, if the patient is of the opposite gender to the chiropractor and the breasts or any intimate areas of the body are going to be exposed. Then the patient's problem will be examined in detail, for instance by orthopaedic (bone) and neurological (nerve) tests and by testing the patient's joint and muscle functions.

X-ray examination: it may be necessary to X-ray the part of the body where the patient is experiencing problems.

Recent research shows that special training under supervision from educated personnel is valuable for patients with persistent pains in their back and neck.

This kind of training now forms part of the treatment offered by many chiropractors.

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