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While not for just any investor, i Chartist proves its usefulness to any serious trader on Wall Street.

This app provides technical analysis and professional charts that include Average True Range, Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Average, Momentum and much more.

The function and purpose of the app is somewhat different from Stock Guru.

While Stock Guru is designed to help you make decisions in buying and selling stocks, this app is designed to help you track stocks you already own.

CNBC Real-Time also includes over 150 news clips each and every day.

These clips are taken from the television broadcasts that are done each day. The app is so well done that many would gladly pay for it.

Stock Watch supports stock markets from the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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It is an app that does more than one thing right, though the price keeps it out of our Essential category.

If you are in need of a great app to keep your eye on the stock market, this is a simply great one.

Stock Ticker Picker is a great app for stock quotes, stock charts, and technical analysis.

The app includes the most-used technical indicators for stocks, predefined stock scans, info from the past four days, and charts.

The developers are working on including weekly scans, alerts, stock search, and more.

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