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Now we need to get JDownloader running on our environment.

The problem is: If we start JDownloader normally, it will just crash because there’s no GUI. It’s a platform implementation of AWT and Java2D which makes Java believe there’s a UI available.

The last few weeks I did some development to make JDownloader run on server and NAS systems which do not have any XServer installed.

This How To will explain how you can get JDownloader running without Graphical User Interface.

Head to " AWT/releases" and copy the link of the latest Source code

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Open the settings and configure it the way you like.I recommend to create a new shell script with this startup command.In the first release of Ghost AWT x86 linux systems (linux32) and Synology Marvell Armada 370 ARM (synology-marvell-armada-370) are available.To keep this How To simple, I will describe another solution: Simply install JDownloader on your normal desktop PC by grabbing the JDownloader2 installer from the link above.Start JDownloader on your desktop and let it update to the latest version.

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