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During primary fermentation, the grapes are punched down by hand two to three times per day, depending on the varietal, to ensure that the skins maintain contact with the juice.

Once the wines have gone through primary fermentation, we gently press off the juice and transfer it to French oak barrels.

We keep the free run separate and press to 1.4 bar.

The press wine then gets tasted and added back as needed for balance.

We carefully balance the use of new and older French oak so that the consumer can taste the varietal, terroir and vintage characteristics rather than the wood in which the wine was stored.

Our wines typically mature for 16 to 22 months in barrel and are only released when ready for consumption.

During his time managing the Ash Hollow Vineyard, he consulted with Tom Waliser regarding farming practices.

In 2001, Tom became the Winemaker for esteemed grower Tom Waliser’s Beresan Winery.

41 Winery, the third oldest winery in the Walla Walla Valley.Amy’s focus is doing all the “other” stuff, so her husband, Tom, can focus 100% on making Balboa’s delicious vintages.Amy’s artwork can be seen hanging in the tasting room. Upon graduating from the Institute of Enology and viticulture in 2012 Tyler started at Balboa Winery as a part time cellar rat and was promoted to Assistant Winemaker in Sept. Working hand-in-hand with the grape grower, we strive to create exceptional, food-friendly wines that are true to the terrior, varietal and vintage.A native of Washington State, Tyler relocated to Walla Walla after attending the University of Washington to study winemaking at the Institute of Enology and Viticulture. Wines that have a sense of time and place, and are a product of our core values.We believe that great wines are created in the vineyard where our winemaking begins.

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