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Hatsune debuted in summer 2007, and technologically savvy otaku quickly fell in love with her imperfect tone, which is said to resemble the “non-ability” that contributes to idols’ popularity. Fans started making music videos of Hatsune and posting them on Nico Nico Douga, including such innovations as her singing Finnish polka.

She began to appear in fan-produced CDs, manga, cosplay outfits and, finally, licensed character merchandise.

The player takes the role of Producer, choosing one to three idols and trying to win fans by teaching them song and dance routines.

The combination of realistic movements and a wide cast of cute characters to control made this a mega hit franchise that continues to this day.

Date’s first CD single was “Love Communication,” with a music video that showed her walking the streets of Tokyo and New York.

Terai is a virtual idol, a media personality who isn’t a person at all.With their layered and synthesized voices, synchronized movements, and 8-bit accompaniments, Perfume fits right in with robotic and doll-like virtual idols.The group’s music videos were seen alongside videos of The [email protected] girls and Miku, both of which often covered Perfume songs.The newest examples of virtual idols are Vocaloids, a term used to describe a synthesizer program developed by Yamaha in 2003, and the characters developed by third parties to run on the program.The user inputs lyrics and pitches, and the program synthesizes them into something like singing.

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