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On je okrivljen da je oštetio Jugoslaviju za oko 800 miliona dinara.Pare koje je doneo državi SFRJ bile su mnogo veće, ali se o tome ćutalo, kao što se i ćutalo o direktorima iz Slovenije i Hrvatske, koji su se, takodje, bavili “korisnim malverzacijama”.And then you’ll end up paying for the kids’ crimes and the kids’ illegit kids’ and their kids’ illegit kids.It’s an endless cycle of takers and causes of crime, drug use, and early pregnancy–all of which we know is the result for illegitimate kids without a father in their lives (and Shawty Lo is barely in their lives).Zbog ideološkog karaktera ova akcija, umesto organima javne bezbednosti, poverena je Službi državne bezbednosti SSUP-a, koja joj je dala tajni naziv “Vrh”.Kidnapovanje i prebacivanje Bate Todorovića u Beograd i sudjenje, organizovao je ministar savezne policije general Franjo Herljević.She’s proud to advertise that she has five kids out of wedlock.And, now, it’s a badge of pride–so much absurd pride that this woman paid extra to advertise it on her Michigan vanity license plates–yet another symbol of our crumbling America from which we’ll never recover.

Proces Todoroviću je održan u vreme rasprave o novom ustavu, čijim je donošenjem ozvaničeno pravo na decentralizaciju SFRJ.

We’ve lost the culture war, irreparably, and the deviant behavior of yesteryear is normalcy today, as we define deviancy ever downward.

And so it goes with the new Oxygen Network show you may have heard about, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” featuring thuggish rapper “Shawty Lo” a/k/a Carlos Walker and his 11 children with 10 baby mamas.

It is very important for performers to know their rights and obligations and how to say no and not to be bullied.

Performers, together as a group, must effect change and take back our power as people who are integral to the creative process.

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