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The internet equivalent was [email protected] though I rarely used it at the time.Not long after I had my first chat (using Relay – the ancestor of IRC which itself had a multiple offspring from multiple “wives”: chat rooms, various messengers – even chat roulette).While most people love to watch freestyle battles, many are not really as interested in watching a free stylecypher, so I was on a quest to create a freestyle rap situation that captivated an audience the same way that a battle does, but allowed me the same creative freedoms as a cypher.This Chat Roulette Dorm Room scenario evolved from a brainstorm as a way for me to keep it interesting.

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It’s fun for me to switch it up based on how the mood feels.Once a character reached his 20th level and has done his share of quests, he became a “Wizard”. Most Wizards created an area with a theme: I remember Castle Dracula, Sesame Street, Star wars, and basically everything you can imagine. It may really surprise people who started using computers when the internet was already ubiquitous, but back then, things were just as fun despite the technological limitations. Talk a little bit about the concept behind this show.The whole show is improvised, and one of the goals is to entertain the other person on the screen with a specialized rap for them.I lyrically describe the visuals of that person, and also invite them to give a topic, engage in conversation, etc.

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